How to travel in domestic flight first term in Nigeria

in this article we mention a few tips and guides on how to go about how to travel in domestic flight for the first time in Nigeria,

there are many things you should know and also familiarize yourself with, to booked your first flight with ease.

we provide a guide below to make flight ease to booked and self your self from unnecessary stress, this article will certainly ease your travel fear and get you ready for the journey ahead.

Travel check list that’s the besic things required are

•ID card – The most important document for
Air travel and Passport for International Travellers

•Tickets – Hard copy / soft copy based on the Airline’s policy

•Boarding Pass – If available or you can print it at the Check-in counters at the Self Kiosk counters at the Airport.

•Mobile phones – with all the necessary travel apps.

How much is personal travel allowance in Nigeria

CBN Requirements for Personal Travel Allowance and Business Travel Allowance Here are the requirements set by the Central Bank of Nigeria for PTA/BTA:

•PTA and BTA are available to Nigerians only.

•Applicant must be 18 years or above.

•The destination country must be at least 5 hours+ away by air.

•Flight must be a return ticket.

•Where the applicant did not travel, PTA/BTA bought must be returned to the bank by within 2 weeks of purchase.

•When tickets scheduled date is changed, the applicant is required to also update the bank.

•The flight ticket must originate from Nigeria.

•Travel date must be within the next 2 weeks.

•PTA limit is $4,000 per quarter (3 months).

•BTA limit is $5,000 per quarter (3 months).

•Your passport must be stamped after each purchase.

•Not sold to travelers visiting blacklisted countries.

How much is traveling bag in Nigeria

There are different types of traveling bag, but it depends which one you want to purchase before we should talk of the price.

the least traveling bag or box is NGN17,000

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