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Globally traveling is the top or the best industry in the world. People visit other cities and country due to some reasons such as “just to know a place ” it could be for business purpose, or for research, or for tourism sake.

Visiting international is something that has be come over whelming, every one in his life wanted to visit another country. Some biggest cities in the world are seeing more traveller then other, cities like Hong kong, Paris, New York and Dubai.

in this article we look at the top 10 most visited cities in the world, based on a fact that a visitor is any person that visit a town and spend at least 24hours, and he reside in that cities whether paid or free Accomodate,

Hong Kong

Hong kong is the top in this list based on some statics we found, which had a recorded 29,262,700 visitors in custom static, Hong kong is a booming city economically and in business activity, it is also well known for tourism and top universities, the cities has a amazing looks, it mordern skyscraper buildings, to a dramatic harbour front and traditionally attractions.

Hong kong has one of the biggest shopping in the world, and there are often local festivals in the area as well.Ocean Park, this city is most visited by foreigner around the world.


Bangkok is the capital of Thailand, an had 24,177,500 visitor’s per year or even more then the figure, This busy, bustling and often hectic city has an extremely lively nightlife, from its red Light District, to a variety of bars and clubs, to thriving night markets, also the cost of traveling to this city is lower then the other cities in the list, so those who went for research and tourism thought often that they will have save more money, especially those who has credit card reward,

Bangkok has an abundance historical building and place and tourism center and various wat temples such as Wat Pho, Wat Arun, and lot more.


London is one of the world’s biggest and most prominent cities in the world. London is the capital of England, knows as UK, an had 19,233,000 Visitors

London has the a wide business center, almost all path of the world come to London for, either of the purpose, whether for tourism, school, and research purpose, or just for “I know the place as usually,”

London has a well attractive places for visitors, and for those traveling for business purpose, and also travel for pleasure. The city was well known about everything such as food’s, drinks, luxury hotel, award winning theater performance in the west end, and various shopping opportunity, and market. The people are well civilized.


China’s Macau takes the number four spot on this list, having some 18,931,400 visitors  Macau is situated in the south cost of china, the cities often refer as “Las Vegas Asia” meaning as affectionately’ . Macau has abundance large malls and cassino, and lucrative resolt, and the Macau tower,


In statics flight bookers, Singapore had 18,551,200 visitors each year or more, This island city-state is the largest port in Southeast Asia, and it continued to be the most important for trade, business, towering buildings fill the skyline, skyscrapers, Added to this are lush urban parks and green spaces, and Singapore stands out as a stunning city of old charm and cutting edge modernity all at once.


Paris has recorded visitor number of 17,560,200 , Paris a well known multicultural city that has once a mordern hub, lot of historical buildings, in term of Tourism, Paris is among the fore front city, with lot of attractive places, some of Tourism places are Eiffel tower, Notre Dame, and the Louvre art gallery, shopping and high fashion are booming here.


Dubai is an almost otherworldly city of affluence and impressive architecture located in the arid desert country of the United Arab Emirates. Dubai had 15,920,700 visitors per year or more who came for business or pleasure. The city has grown quickly, the city has the tallest freestanding structure in the world. Their have a luxury places for tourism, visitors, and for business purpose.

New York City

Though by far the most visited city within the United States, New York City ranks eightth on the world list with 13,600,000 visitors per year, Though not the official capital of the country, it has become so colloquially speaking, and is an icon of American culture and economy. Many foreign visitors may come for business meetings, however tourism is also extremely high in New York, with visitors seeking out the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, or shows of Broadway. 

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, had 13,434,300 visitors per year, iis financial and economic center of the country and is also a multicultural hub. The city includes Tamil, Chinese, Malay, and indigenous people, culture and cuisine, and is growing in its diversity. Kuala Lumpur is the most industrialised and has the fastest growing economy in Malaysia. It is also considered an alpha world city,


Istanbul is the tenth highest ranking city in terms of number of international visitors. per year , a documented 13,433,000 people travelled to Istanbul for either business or pleasure. Its position as a major city in Turkey that borders both Europe and Asia makes it an extremely appealing place for anyone travelling across either continent, or conducting international business. This also meant it was an important city throughout history, and because of that Istanbul has a rich historical background, including many old buildings and ruins from the Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, and early Christian movement

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