Beautiful Destinations You Should Visit In 2023

Here are some beautiful  destination ideas from to get you started. New year, new perspective. Use this calculation liberally while making travel arrangements in 2023International tourism was expected to reach 65% of pre-pandemic levels by the end of 2022, according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, with some areas recently reaching levels closer to 80% or 90% of their 2019 arrivals. In this article, we explore the most Beautiful Destinations You Should Visit In 2023.


mountains of the countryside – now’s your chance to do some good by taking a vacation.  We could list new openings in Poland – such as Hotel Verte, the new Autograph Collection property in Warsaw, which threw open its gilded doors (it’s in a humongous Baroque palace) in August. But, the opportunity to stay in a palace-like setting is not the main incentive to travel to Poland in 2023. It’s to express solidarity with a nation that has supported the people of Ukraine in return.

Poland has taken in more Ukrainian refugees than any other country due to its 300+ mile border with a nation under siege. You have a difficult position if you add the declining tourist numbers (although they are rising again) to the mix.

Hence, whether you want to visit the Warsaw Palace, go on vacation to cities like Krakow, Gdansk, Wroclaw, or Pozna, all of which are hundreds of kilometers from the Ukrainian border, or just want to get away from it all in the forests, lakes, and mountains, you can.

Western Australia                                          

A total solar eclipse will be seen over Australia’s northwest corner on April 20, 2023.

The town of Exmouth and the greater Ningaloo Peninsula on which it is located have been planning for more than a year for an event that will probably last approximately one minute. There will be musical events, educational opportunities to learn about science and astronomy, and a three-day Dark Sky Festival, as well as outdoor viewing platforms where visitors may safely witness the solar marvel (with safety goggles, of course).

Western Australia, however, has much more to offer than just a brief moment of awe.

It extends across one-third of the Australian continent, from the vibrant, expanding state capital of Perth through deserts like the Great Victoria and Great Sandy to the wine region of Margaret River, the stunning clifftops of the Kimberley, and the quokka-covered Rottnest Island– Lilit Marcus

Liverpool, England

England’s port city of Liverpool, best known around the world as the birthplace of The Beatles, is adding another chapter to its musical legacy.

It will serve as the host city for the spangly musical spectacle known as Eurovision 2023 in May, which attracts tens of thousands of flag-waving spectators from all over the continent. It’s a chance for the city to recover from the humiliation of losing its UNESCO World Heritage designation in 2021.

More than 30 international artists and collectives will occupy locations throughout the city from June through September as part of the city’s celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Liverpool Biennial Contemporary Visual Arts Festival.

In 2023, England will also celebrate the Year of the Coast, and events like food festivals and beach clean-ups will be held there.

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston parades its past like no other US city, but it often glossed over the history of its Black residents. It’s been taking steps to fix that.

Enter the International African American Museum, which, after delaying its January launch date, pledges to announce its opening “soon” for 2023. The museum will be located along the Cooper River’s waterfront, close to where many African immigrants originally arrived in North America. The lives of slaves and their descendants will be examined.

The famed Spoleto Festival, which takes place in late May and early June, features opera, theater, dance, musical performances, and artist discussions. Foodies should put March 1–5 on their calendars so they may attend the Charleston Wine and Food Festival and indulge in local delicacies.

Missing the festival? You’ll continue to eat well. . Try Magnolias for nicer Southern cuisine. Its 1990 opening sparked the city’s gastronomic revival. Try Bertha’s Restaurant in North Charleston for something casual; there, fried chicken, lima beans, and red rice with sausage are the norm.

Vilnius, Lithuania

Self-effacing Vilnius admitted in an ad campaign this year that nobody really knows where it is. If their fantastic film wasn’t enough to convince you to plan a trip there right away, perhaps this will: on January 25, 2023, the Lithuanian capital will commemorate its 700th birthday.

A year-long schedule of events is planned to commemorate the milestone, including concerts and exhibitions. But rather than strictly adhering to a program, use the anniversary as an incentive to visit.

Together with fellow V-cities Vienna and Venice, the entire city center is included as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Vilnius is included on the list because of its Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque structures, all of which are situated on a medieval street layout. However, Vilnius is most well-known for its Baroque structures.


Fiji is not difficult to sell because of its wide coral reefs, clear blue oceans, and numerous tranquil islands. Therefore, why visit there in 2023? For starters, the nation didn’t reopen after Covid until the end of 2021, thus the South Pacific paradise’s visitor numbers haven’t yet entirely recovered.

Take the chance to discover the nation’s above-ground wonders as well, despite the country’s abundance of undersea beauty. The town of Levuka, a historic capital and significant harbor, is the only UNESCO World Heritage site in the nation. It is dotted with structures from the British colonial era among coconut and mango trees.

Travelers can participate in a kava greeting ritual, so named for the traditional beverage at its core, or partake in a lovo, a meal prepared over hot embers in an underground pit covered with banana leaves, to learn more about the indigenous populations there.

It is now quite simple to go to the islands thanks to Fiji Airways’ direct flights from Los Angeles and San Francisco

Manaus, Brazil

Two eco-lodges in the area of Manaus, the state capital of Brazil’s Amazonas state and the entrance to the river, have taken advantage of the pandemic pause to become even more environmentally friendly.

A new $400,000 solar power plant with 268 double panels that strut about 40 feet into the air above the canopy at Juma Amazon Lodge, approximately 50 miles south of the city, is now fully operational (meaning no trees had to be cut). Also, they constructed a biogas system to improve the effectiveness of organic waste treatment, resulting in an eight-ton annual reduction in carbon emissions.

Anavilhanas Jungle Resort opened an off-grid “advanced base” during the epidemic that is 30 miles from the major population center, northwest of Manaus on the Rio Negro river.

In one of the most remote hotel establishments in the Amazon region, visitors can go on lengthy jungle excursions through terrain home to jaguars, pumas, and enormous armadillos, and then spend the afternoon in a hammock or by the pool. The lodge intends to host small groups for overnight stays in a creekside tent starting in 2023.

Thessaloniki, Greece

With a UNESCO-endorsed local food scene that just celebrated the renovation and reopening of its century-old Modiano food market, there has never been a shortage of reasons to visit Greece’s second city in recent years.

Thessaloniki is undoubtedly a candidate for one of Europe’s top city getaway locations when you consider its bustling waterfront, close proximity to lovely beaches, and inland highlands.

What would make it better still? A brand-new, glistening metro would be nice. If all goes well, the primary route of a massive infrastructure project that will eventually link the city’s downtown to its international airport could open in November 2023. Passengers will be transported by driverless trains through tunnels whose excavation added to Thessaloniki’s already extensive collection of archeological finds, many of which will be displayed at specially designed museum stops.


Sextantio Rwanda, a collection of traditionally built huts on an island in Lake Kivu, one of Africa’s largest lakes, will officially open in January 2023. Lake Kivu is one of the continent’s largest bodies of water.

Daniele Kihlgren, whose initiatives preserve regional tradition by mixing a hotel with living history, is working on his first project outside of Italy. Sextantio is a nonprofit that donates money directly to the neighborhood. Visitors can go canoeing, fishing, drinking local banana beer, and wildlife-spotting in addition to seeing the hens, cows, pigs, and goats that wander freely throughout the site.

You’ll undoubtedly want to see gorillas. The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund launched the 4,500-square-meter Ellen DeGeneres Campus in 2022, right next to Volcanoes National Park. The visitor center offers exhibitions, nature trails, and virtual reality “encounters” with gorillas.

White rhinos that were moved from South Africa to Akagera National Park in 2021 to aid in conservation are already giving birth there. It’s also simpler to get there. The only other non-African cities that fly directly to Kigali are Brussels, Dubai, Guangzhou, and Mumbai thanks to a new route from London.

Gothenburg, Sweden                                                           

The second-largest city in Sweden, which has been recognized as the world’s most sustainable travel destination for the past six years, is now rising from Stockholm’s shadow.

Gothenburg, which was once a significant commercial and shipping hub, is today regarded as one of Europe’s greenest cities, with 274 square meters (2,950 square feet) of green space per resident and 95% of its hotels earning eco-friendly certification.

The Gothenburg 400th anniversary was formally celebrated in 2021, however due to the global pandemic, there were no celebrations. But, they will ultimately occur in 2023, making this a fantastic time to travel.

On June 4, Sweden’s King Carl XVI Gustav, who is celebrating 50 years as monarch, will visit. From June 2 to June 5, the Frihamnen port neighborhood will be the site of Gothenburg’s official birthday celebration and the city’s major anniversary festival, which will include performances by musicians and exhibitions of art.

The celebrations will last throughout the summer until the start of the 26-mile Göteborgsvarvet Marathon on September 3, which follows the city’s well-known half marathon on May 13.

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