Best Places To Visit In Kano State Nigeria

One of the states in Nigeria’s northern region is called Kano State. And the state was established on May 27, 1967. Katsina, Jigawa, Bauchi, and Kaduna are all adjacent to Kano. In this article, we will explore the Best Places To Visit In Kano State Nigeria

It is a fact that the majority of the world’s population is living in a country where the majority of the population is living in a country where the majority of the people speak a language other than English.

One of the twelve states in the nation that is ruled by or operated under Sharia law is Kano State. After Lagos, its namesake city, Lagos, is the second most populated city in Nigeria.

Due to its location on the former grounds of numerous civilizations, kingdoms, and empires, including the Kingdom of Kano, which existed from 1000 AD to 1349 AD, the modern city of Kano is blessed with a wealth of tourism opportunities, including historical monuments and ancient sites of great significance.

Kano state is known as the “City of Commerce” because it is the location of one of Nigeria’s first and biggest markets.

National Gallery Of Art,  Kano

On our first list of Best Places To Visit In Kano State Nigeria, we have the national gallery of art, Kano.

Every fan of the arts in Kano, whether they live there or are just passing through, must pay a visit to the national gallery of arts. It was founded to promote the works of Nigerian artists and is located at 23 Ahmadu Bello Way.

Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport, Kano

The Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport, which is located at 50 Danhuma Way, Southern Express Road, Kano, is the oldest airport in Nigeria. It was constructed in 1936, long before India attained independence. The busiest airport in Northern Nigeria is this one, which opened first in Nigeria.

Adu Bako Zoo, Kan

The Audu Bako Zoo, also known as Gidan Zoo, is located at Zoo Road in Kano. This zoo was founded in 1971 and is the first zoo in Nigeria, just like many other buildings in Kano. The lion, giraffe, and other animals from the savannah are among the many animals that call this zoo home.

Roxy Amusement Park, Kano

Children were considered when building Roxy Amusement Park. It is one of the few locations in Kano State where kids can have fun with only minimal adult supervision. Adults can also enjoy this theme park, which is located in Kano on Ahmadu Bello Way.

Porto Golf Resort, Kano

It’s common to think of the Porto Golf Resort as being just for golfers. Although it goes by the name “Porto golf resort,” everyone is welcome at this golf resort. There is a lake in this resort, and it is serene and green.

Hills and Valleys Amusement Park, Kano

The family will enjoy a day at Hills and Valleys Amusement Park. It is located at KM 8 Dawakin Kudu Road in Kano and offers a variety of entertaining activities. One site in Kano where you may go with your complete family to have fun together is the Hills and Valleys Amusement Park.

Murtala Mohammed Library, Kano

One of the few public libraries in Nigeria is the Murtala Mohammed Library in the state of Kano. Everybody who is interested in reading ought to go there. It is located in Kano on Ahmadu Bello Way. This library has a huge variety of books in it. If you go to the library, you can be sure that you’ll find a book that interests you.


Kurmi Market:

The oldest open market in northern Nigeria is located in Kurmi. It was founded in the fifteenth century. This market has developed into a significant commerce centre for traditional goods, despite its original purpose of serving as a storehouse for North African slaves. The center of Kano is where this market is situated.

The Great Mosque of Kano:

The spiritual center of prayer for Muslims is this magnificent mosque. The 15th century saw its construction. The mosque, an imposing structure that is thought to be the oldest in Nigeria, draws many tourists from all over the world. The mosque may be found in Kano on Murtala Mohammed Way.

Kano City Wall:

Lord Lugard once referred to the wall, also known as Kano Badala, as the most spectacular structure he had ever seen in West Africa in one of his 1903 reports. Sakri Aijimasu constructed the wall between 1095 and 1134 AD.

Tiga Dam, Tiga

The 1974-built Tiga dam is located near Tiga, Kano. Farmers in Kano and the surrounding areas use this dam as a source of irrigation. The Tiga dam was constructed with the intention of enhancing Kano state’s food security. You have a choice between swimming in the water or taking great photos at this dam.

Kudan Rumfa:

The current Emir of Kano resides in the Kudan Rumfa, which is a compound outside of Kano town. It is still considered a masterpiece of architecture and was constructed by the late Emir Muhammad Rumfa in the late 15th century. One of the places where one can learn about the emirs’ earlier lives is this one.

Kofa Mata Marina:

Kano has an old dye pit called Kofa Mata. It has been around since 1848.

The indigo-vegetable dyeing pit is interesting to observe, and the textile artwork it imprints on is still well-liked and in high demand.

Film House Cinema, Kano

After a city tour in Kano, a trip to the movie theater is a terrific way to unwind. You will undoubtedly have a fantastic experience at this theater, which is located in the Ado Bayero Mall. You are welcome to bring your 3D glasses to this theater when you visit.

Dala Hill:

The last place on our list for the Best Places To Visit In Kano State Nigeria is the Dala hill.

Moreover, a group of prehistoric humans famed for their skill with iron lived atop the hill.

Dala Hill was built in the seventh century. .A feature that makes it possible to view a large part of kano city from top of the hill is that the hill has 999 steps and is 534 meters high.

Making travel plans to Nigeria’s Kano state? Your trip to the historic city of Kano will be worthwhile if you see these 6 must-see locations.

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