Common Travel Mistakes To Avoid

Travelling is all about discovering the unknown,  even if its your first time travelling or not. Therefore it comes as no surprise that there might be a few bumps in the road. With a little forethought and knowledge gained from these frequent travel errors, you may concentrate on having fun on your trip without worrying.. Here are Common Travel Mistakes To Avoid:

1. Over packing

Carrying around a huge, heavy suitcase can put a serious dampener on your holiday. Also, many packed items can lead to a messy hotel room, a sore back and way too much dirty laundry. Over packing is a very Common Travel Mistakes To Avoid this year

Note that over packing starts with choosing a travel bag or suitcase that is larger than necessary. Start with a carry-on bag, and only size up if you really need to then select everything you think you’ll need, and then try removing half of the items. Exercising this helps you to narrow down your selections to the bare necessities. Also, Keep your travel wardrobe neutral so you can mix and match every item then try to choose clothing that can be used for multiple activities, so you can pack fewer items.

2. Not understanding the local culture before your trip

Another Common Travel Mistakes To Avoid is not having an understanding of the local culture, and political and economic state of your destination, this could make you miss out on so much. Furthermore, you may offend the locals if you neglect to give the nod to their social customs, you may also want to check what is and isn’t legal in your destination. Although this may sound like a strange suggestion, but some countries have laws against things you wouldn’t expect, for example Singapore has a law against chewing gum and people who break this law can face fines up to $100,000 SGD.

Know your destination’s history and culture before your trip and also prepare yourself to be an informed visitor rather than an uninformed tourist and take your social cues from the locals you meet during your holiday. This will make your travel smoother and you’ll also learn much more while you’re there.

3. Carrying valuables

Carrying valuables like jewelries and pricey things may attract the attention of pick pockets. Theft may not be a  problem at your travel destination, it’s all too easy to lose things while you’re travelling, so it’s best to leave any irreplaceable items at home.

However, if you must carry some valuables, make sure you do it mindfully and consider bringing a jacket with zip pockets or wear a bum bag for carrying your cash and credit cards. You should also remove any items from your wallet or purse ahead of travel, such as loyalty cards or work passes. Keeping extra cards in your wallet will make your wallet fatter, which could attract the notice of thieves. It’s important to never leave your items unattended, as this would mean you wouldn’t be covered if the items were stolen.

4. Creating an overambitious itinerary

So much to do! So much to see! Visiting nine countries in eight days may sound great on paper, but your trip will be such a blur that you may not be able to remember where you were in all the pictures.

When planning your itinerary, exercise restraint and leave room for unplanned activities so you can immerse yourself in a place’s culture and unwind. Allow yourself some breathing room so you can take in the distinctive atmosphere of your destination.

5. Underestimating time required for security

Many a travelers have missed flights because they just didn’t give themselves enough time to get through security. This is because, nothing sends the blood pressure skyrocketing like watching your flight time creep up while you stand helplessly in the queue.

It is advisable to arrive at the airport three hours before an international flight departs. While travelling at a busy time of year (such as school holidays), expect longer lines than usual. Being early for your trip doesn’t hurt but you can find a spot in the airport lounge to relax ahead of your flight.

6. Booking flights too close together

Arranging your flights as close together as possible is tempting. You don’t want to waste too much time traveling to your destination, after all. But, this tactic might not work. Your entire trip could be affected by a flight delay.

If at all possible, try to schedule a layover of at least two hours so you can pass through security, have some lunch, and get some exercise before your next flight without having to rush to the gate. Also, if your flight is somewhat delayed, you will have a buffer.

7. Not having the correct visa

Make just one mistake with your visa, and your well-crafted holiday could be over before it even began! If your destination requires a visa for entry, double check every piece of information on the visa, including the spelling of your name and your planned entry date, and address any issues right away.

You can visit the Safe Travel website to find out how far in advance you need to apply for your visa, to ensure it arrives in time for your trip.

8. Forgetting to inform your bank about your trip

The majority of banks have automated fraud-protection measures in place, so if you suddenly use your card in Bangkok while the bank anticipates you to be in New Zealand, your card may be reported and temporarily suspended.

Luckily, it’s extremely simple to stay out of this annoying circumstance. Simply give your bank and credit card company a call before your vacation and let them know when and where you’ll be.

9. Neglecting to factor time zones into your trip

Here is one Common Travel Mistakes To Avoid but most people neglect it. Many unfortunate travelers have reported missing their international flights as a result of failing to account for the time zone difference between their current location and the airport they would be departing from. Always keep time zones in mind while arranging your flights to avoid such issues.

10. Not checking your cell phone plan

Unwelcome news: your cell phone doesn’t function where you’re going, even though you were meant to call the hotel to arrange for a shuttle when you got there!

By confirming your cell phone plan before your travel, you can avoid this circumstance. Purchase the right SIM card if your phone doesn’t operate where you are going so you won’t ever be without data.

11. Neglecting to organize your trip details

During a journey, a little bit of spontaneity is often useful, but too much of it can be disastrous. Make sure to take your time organizing the specifics of your trip. Your vacation will go more smoothly thanks to these efforts, and you’ll be more likely to see sights that need for meticulous planning. For instance, some museums need reservations in advance with a set arrival time. You risk missing out on once-in-a-lifetime opportunities if you wait until the last minute to take care of small matters like these.

12. Napping when you arrive

Traveling may be exhausting, and after a long day, when you finally arrive at your destination, a sleep may seem like the finest idea ever. But, fight the desire!

Napping could prolong your jet lag and hinder your ability to adjust to the time zone change. On the first evening of your trip, force yourself to persevere and attempt to stay up until your regular bedtime. Spend some time outdoors if you can to hasten your body’s acclimatization.


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