The Best Ways to Prevent Motion Sickness on Planes

Being confined to one seat for a long time is all that some people associate with flying. Others’ worst nightmare is only made worse by the fact that they will inevitably feel queasy and, if motion sickness overwhelms them, may even really vomit when the turbulence becomes severe enough. The Best Ways to Prevent Motion Sickness on Planes has been detailed in this article.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to better prepare yourself against this bothersome side effect. Air sickness is a common affliction for many travelers.

Knowing what it is and how to combat it are the first steps. When your eyes aren’t picking up movement, your inner ear senses it instead.

The University of Maryland Medical Center lists several signs and symptoms that might result from this imbalance, including cold chills, pale complexion, headaches, nausea, increased salivation, exhaustion, and vomiting. According to a 2015 study using data from the genetics company 23andme published in the Oxford Journal on Human Molecular Genetics, about one in three persons experience automobile sickness, which has reasons that are strikingly similar to those of air sickness.

Also, it has been discovered that stress and anxiety can make motion sickness worse, so it may persist even after your trip. Yet there are a few simple strategies to prevent these side effects, or at the very least, assist stop them after they’ve begun.

Skip the Reading Session

This is one of The Best Ways to Prevent Motion Sickness on Planes. Reading won’t help you feel better at all if you’re motion ill; instead, physicians advise focusing on a steady scene or horizon line. By increasing the movement, you run the risk of upsetting your internal balance.

Pick Your Airplane Seat Carefully

The movement of your body during the flight is reduced by the slightly more stable seats that are closer to the front of the aircraft and immediately on the plane wings. Similar to riding a bus, the ride is bumpier the further back you sit.

Watch What You Eat Before Your Flight

Have a light lunch the night before and the day of your flight, suggests the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. Eat less calories and steer clear of salty foods. Dehydration, which often occurs on airplanes when the air is dryer, is made worse by salty foods (pro tip: drink lots of water). Also, stay away from oily foods that tend to make you feel sick.

Use the Air Vents to Your Advantage

When you’re having motion sickness symptoms in a small area, like an aircraft seat, direct airflow might make all the difference. At times of sickness and suffering, look to the air vent above your seat for some solace.


An article from 1995 that was published in the Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine journal discussed how self-acupressure can help with motion sickness. And what exactly is acupressure? the practice of stimulating different pressure spots on your body to improve the flow of energy there.

To alleviate motion nausea, try pressing into your wrist with your thumb around two inches below the wrist crease. Find out what works best for you by holding it down for a few minutes at various pressures.

Give ‘Verbal Placebos’ a Try

According to a study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, advising naval students in the Israel Defense Forces that they were unlikely to experience seasickness and that, even if they did, it was unlikely to have any impact on their ability to do their jobs had an impact. After the five-day experiment, fewer seasickness incidents were documented.

What you can do is ask a loved one to reassure you that you won’t feel queasy and start teaching yourself to stop worrying about it. The phrase “I can control my motion sickness” is a good choice for a mantra to repeat to yourself when things get really difficult in the middle of the journey.

Opt for Ginger Ale

For your digestive system, ginger is fantastic. Request a can of ginger ale to consume when the beverage cart arrives at the cabin. You don’t want any air bubbles to make your stomach feel worse, so refrain from taking big gulps. An upset stomach might also be greatly relieved by hard ginger candies.

Pack Some Dramamine

If everything else fails, motion sickness medicine is available. However, exercise caution because some of these drugs may produce extreme sleepiness. Yet, resting through your travel is a much better option than using the confined airplane restroom.

After going through this list of The Best Ways to Prevent Motion Sickness on Planes, we know you’re ready to get on that flight and have a lovely trip

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